For the last while, as I prepared to start this blog, I have been earmarking things I covet that I want to share with everyone.

I have a huge backlist, but I think I will start with the most recent first, as this is what is most exciting to me at the moment!

First of note is this bulldog tealight I just saw in Graham and Green’s new spring collection.

There is a matching vase, and whilst getting both together would be a bit much, one or the other would be pretty fab in a room. Yumma.

You can find them here

Two other things that make me drool in their new offerings:

Carved marble bowls and tealight holder. Want one for a ‘key bowl’ by our front door. Yes, I know I don’t need it, but I WANT it. 😉

Also, I have been looking for something like this pigeon hole wall shelf in charity shops and on ebay the last while.

I absolutely refuse to pay £65 for it, tho, but know that it is there, and will watch for it on sale if I don’t find anything secondhand.