I saw this post on The Selby yesterday of artist Adam Wallcavage’s darkly magical home in Philidelphia and thought I would share.

Below is a shot of his lounge with Medusa Chandelier.

Here is a detail.

The chandeliers are made out of mixed media, epoxy resin, coated plaster and lamp parts.

He has quite a few of his stunning sea inspired chandelier’s up in the house, as you can see in these shots of his gorgeous victorian dining room below.
He shows at the Jonathan Levine gallery in New York and you can see more of Adam’s work on the website, and on his personal website here.
My personal favourites:
The elegantly twisted, white ‘Dixie La Rue’ (great name!)
The antique brass-looking one made for the Sailor Jerry store in Philidephia
Here is a shot in situ
And this batwing victorian called ‘Release the Hounds!’
Beautifully surreal, haunting pieces that would add huge personality to a room.