The interiors blog world is abuzz with the release of stylist Sibella Court’s new book, Etcetera, and I am enjoying seeing images of her vignettes cropping up day after day.

Her unique love of natural elements and relaxed set ups in a styling world of ‘perfect’ scenes, really stand out. You can picture yourself actually living in her rooms, instead of constantly cleaning up after yourself. I have to admit, some of the tableaus go a little too far into the messy realm for my comfort, but her ‘natural history museum display’ aesthetic is gorgeous.

Here is a perfect example

It is the kind of disply I would be naturally drawn towards and want to peck through. Very tactile and claws on.

Instead of showing the same images that are floating through the ether, I thought I might post some more obsure ones from the website of her store, The Society Inc., in Australia.

These are shots from various magazines she has styled.

Here are a couple with a more ethnic feel.

She does this great thing where she layers rugs on top of each other, in a Morrocan style, to create a mosaic of pattern and texture. It gives this great ‘gypsy kasbah’ feel. Slightly sloppy and a bit of a health and safety hazard (that one’s for you, Bubby), but warm and inviting. You just want take your shoes off and get your talons dug in.

Some nautical shots.

I saw this image months ago, and have not been able to get the pulley system she uses here out of my mind! Brilliant.

There is a sort of childlike sense of play to her sets…like she is dressing the room in masquerade. Very fun and tongue in cheek.

I am glad her looser athetic is influencing so many stylists, as the immaculate, sterile shots you normally see in magazines are getting a bit stale and lifeless. Here’s to a bit more personality in design shots!