A few months ago I scored a fabulous vintage white ceramic fish jug (sometimes called a ‘glug jug’ because of the noise liquid makes when it pours!) for a mere pittance on ebay.

Thrilled with my purchase, I turned to my good friend, Bubby (the house elf), and expressed my joy, only to be confronted with scorn and ridicule.

This post is my virtual ‘two feathers up’ to the scorn of others when you are convinced that something will look amazing!

Here is the jug I bought:

I love how stylized and abstracted he is compared to others I have seen. (please ignore the Finbarr sign, as said orangutan left his perch during the photo shoot and lumbered off to eat bananas.)
Now, some other shots of the exact same fish from other sites and books… (so THERE, Bubs. I am not the only one who thinks they are fab!)
From the home of the blog writer for Pink Wallpaper
Detail of the grouping. I like how she uses the tray to contain the grouping of objects. Makes the display more sculptural somehow.
Here it is again, in the Domino book

According to Gluggle – a UK company who currently sells the jugs- these pitchers are traditional British housewarming gifts and have been produced since the late 1870’s. They became popular collector’s items after 1958 when the Queen and Prince Phillip were presented with a special pair on their visit to the Britannia Naval College. Unfortunately, I can’t find any images of the royal jugs, but we will just have to take their word for it!

Here are a few contemporary jugs from The Love List
Love the multiple groupings of colours below. Yumma.
The jugs are also called ‘gluggle pitchers’ or ‘koi pitchers’, and are being produced in the US under the latter name.
Ok. Now I have gotten all my self righteous hooting out and will just finish this post with one last…
so there.