I thought some of you might be interested in this free online magazine…Lonny. It is fairly new, and they have just put out their third edition, but it looks like they are hitting their stride, as this third one has tons of interesting images.

Most blogs this week will be rife with images from this edition, but here are a few I liked:

I have a bit thing lately with zebra rugs…well, black and white in general, but love the graphic-ness of the zebra print (faux zeb, OF COURSE! I saw a shot in a magazine the other day of rug that looked a little too real for my taste – mane and tail hair – and it really turned my stomach).

Anyway, nice fresh looking room below. Like the way they have used the low stool to ‘extend’ the coffee table, and the large mirror to divide the room. Though I find myself wondering what is holding the mirror up!

Love the colour of the settee below, though the reason I am posting this is the tiny picture rail shelf with one sculpture. Super cute.

Mirror tiles are catching my eye at the moment, as I am considering using them on some small bedside tables I am making. Like how the mirror tiles on this back wall look rather glamourous due to the bevelled edges reflecting the light. Nice.

Still obsessed with trays:

Like the simplicity of this room, and the fact that she left the wood of the chairs unpainted, with everything else white (frames, furniture). I would have been tempted to go with white/black/grey on the chairs, but find the brown of the wood really warms the space up, nicely.

This next shot is a bit frillier than I would normally like, but certain elements really work for me – the ostrich wallpaper by the folks at Beware the Moon(great name), and the yellow flower print on the headboard.

Here it is in the bedroom…Looks like the only pattern and saturated colour in here is on the headboard. Nice little splash of brightness.

You can subscribe the the magazine here if you are interested, or just go to there website to see more. There are loads more images in the 227 pages online!