I recently ran across this online site by  Supermarket Sarah , who also has a stall in Portebello Market, that sells all kinds of interesting goodies. As I was trolling through the wares, my eyes kept getting drawn to the prints by illustrator Lynn Hatzius. (Apparently, so did other people’s eyes, as most of the prints were sold out!)

This one below was my absolute favourite. Love the perfect chimera-semaphore-people! WANT WANT WANT. I am saving up my pennies and picturing it in the lounge where I can see it from both kitchen and living room!

I also really liked the pop out cards she is doing for Supermarket Sarah. At a tenner each, these large cards are a bargain:

I wanted to see more of her work, so did a bit of google stalking and checked out her website here.

My heart almost stopped when I saw this foxy owl lady!

It just got better and better from there…
Screenprint and collage magic:

Characters you can’t help but love and want to keep!

I can see why she has gotten so much book and album cover work. The images are very compelling and whimsical.

I am really glad I stumbled on to these. They were a much needed reminder that art can be fun as well as serious.

Thanks Lynn!
(ps. if you are interested in any of her work, contact Lynn here.)