In my madness, am seriously considering how long it would take to put together a ship chandelier. I have been seeing ones cropping up for months and am always entranced by how magical they look in a room.

Zgallerie makes these ones for $799 in  California, which is a bit rich for my blood:

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 They do look lovely in a room though.

Looks like they might have modeled it off of this antique one for $2000! Eek.

Here is a gorgeous antique Celtic one. Anchor and rudder are a great touch:

The next one is listed on 1stdibs with no price. Would hate to see how much it is going for. Listed as early 1890s.

Amazingly, they have some very detailed shots of the wirework and it looks even simpler than I’d thought.


Looks like there is only a simple wire frame and the crystals are attached with a thinner, handwoven wire web. Much easier than soldering every join. Hmmm…A solder iron, some wire, TONS of crystals and a few months should probably do it, non? (no, I am NOT kidding! Figure it would be like making jewellery, only on a much larger scale.). The only thing I would really need, which I don’t have, is patience!

I want the celtic looking one with the dragon’s head, though. Dragon’s head. Must be able to find one somewhere I can modify.
Then I started thinking ‘Ok, if not a ship, then what? What other forms would be interesting?’ …and of course someone has already gone there!

Check THIS OUT! By a company called Rock and Royal in Rotterdam:

royals chandeliers

The artist, Hans van Bentem, will make anything you want, as evidenced by the below ‘meat and two veg’ chandelier. Now I am all for a good laugh, but not sure I would want this one hanging over my dining room table!

A few more – these umbrellas are quite whimsical.

Oh, so very tempting. Only thing is what would I make…and where would I put it?

Will this be one of those failed attempts at wonderous madness? Must roost and think!