Uh oh. I think I am becoming an ebay addict.

Won this metal tray today, though, and it is causing me much joy…

Yesterday I impulse purchased a series of jewel-like postcards of collages by John Murphy that he has done for Habitat (£3.50 for 10 and worth every penny!).

They are in a similar style to the image below:

I plan to attach one of my favourites to the metal tray with some cool, wooden, animal-shaped magnets, also from Habitat (it was a chance find whilst picking up things for work! Oops.).

I may even win another vintage tray in a few days that I am bidding on, and then I can have them both side by side on a wall. Oooh. Joy. Fingers crossed.

Think they will have a similar ‘feel’ to these yummy trays  by cool french design company ibride that I have been covetting for months, which you can get at Lifestyle Bazaar in Soho and Shoreditch, but just can’t justify spending that much money on at the moment.

Here are a few:

What a gorgeous shot:

As I was checking their beautiful website for photos, I saw these Volubilis stacking stools, which are not just elegantly styled, but stack into a sculptural shape (the woman is sitting on a stack).

Also chanced on these miniatures of their larger tables. Wonder how much these sweet babies are? They would be such unique plinths for little treasures on a shelf or table.

I can’t resist adding this shot of the ‘Bambi’ chest of drawers.

Also this one, the ‘Diva’ console. One of my favourites.

Their ‘alice in wonderland’ themed advertising photos are wonderfully whimsical and show their cheeky designs off.

I will try to remember to post an image of the final postcard/tray project when they are done!