For my last post of the week I thought I would share (another) obsession with you.

As some of you already know, lately I have been fixated with collection (amassing!) grouping and displaying, and since I have been researching, I have found some great images online to share.

The following are from the Curiosite Gallery.
Vintage industrial porcelain glove molds. The black ones are quite unusual.

I would love a bell jar for mine (one solitary one I managed to scoop from the states on ebay! Poor lonely baby!), but unfortunately they are going for a fortune right now.


Vintage binoculars.

Another great collection source is Lost Found Art’s website. I have gone there many a time to drool at their unique collection ideas and displays.

I love how they group the simplest things, like the iron valve wheels and rack of dog tags, and make them look like art.
Other favourites:
Vintage crochet posts

Not sure about these, think they might be antique glove stands?
Antique barbells – you can just picture the striped unitard wearing, walrus-mustachioed gent using these! 
These are the best…old bicycle sprokets, of all things! And they look great.
Proof that a little inginuity can go a long, long way in aesthetics.

Off to the Antiques and Decorative Fair in Battersea this afternoon, so hopefully I can find some more images to bring back to the roost.

Have a good weekend, all.