I managed to get to the Antiques and Decorative Fair on Friday night, as I had hoped.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the fair quiet and civilized, instead of the usual rammed madness you find at London fairs!

There was plenty of time and space to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the wares and the exhibitors were a lovely bunch of folk, more than willing to engage in a bit of play with one little owl!

Speaking of which, here are some gorgeous items with my brethren:

This carved folk art beauty was part of a shrine at one of the booths:

A little treasure trove of jewelled owl match strikers:

At the same booth, some tiny, delicate embroidery scissors:

The charming woman who was selling these items had some amazingly unique items. Like these bone dog…things…!

Shamefully, I forgot to take a picture of the name of the shop, as I was so taken with her wares! Bad Winston.

I did see quite a few more odd items throughout the fair that made me scratch my head…for example, this rather sinsister gas mask lamp!

I found myself trying to picture the room this would work in, but failing miserably. It was almost so ugly/weird that it was fabulous…but just fell short somehow…!

This large item was obviously a child’s leather toy (in an antique Victorian shower!), but I was a bit stumped as to whether it was a pig or a dog. Pigdog. Either way, ugly/cute.

A few covetable wooden wares.

A decanter set.

Accountants cabinet.

Lawyers lockers.

This display of antique fish prints was beautiful, and oddly enough, I think I saw the exact same images available for download on Vintage Printable the other day. Someone must have scored the same book, and was kind enough to share!

Tempted to print up a fish wall. The Asian antique laquer frames really make the display, though.

Also found myself drawn to this enormous fruit jar. Wondering what kind of fruit would have been preserved in it.

There were so many interesting things to share with you, that I got a bit overwhelmed and erred on the side of plenty…

To be continued!