Here are the rest of the images from the Antiques & Decorative Fair that I attended Friday night.

Posing with some immaculate Victorian vellum suitcases from Victoria Harvey. How I would love these!

This shop had some truly beautiful things. The following is an antique wooden processional figure or mannequin.

 More wooden figures…without arms!

These millinery displays below were quite popular in the fair. They remind me of mexican folk art.

 Here is a similar head from another shop on Church Street, Raffles.

More body parts.

It was interesting to note how differently the booths were styled, according to their wares.

There were a lot of examples of the ‘country french’ aesthetic, with many chairs reupholstered in crisp natural linens and distressed white furniture.

This was a particularly striking display by the charming gent at Martin D. Johnson Antiques, with antique paperbacks, apothecary bottles, fresh cherry boughs and antique french lithography blocks.

Here is a detail of the stunning cast iron devil doorstops:

This little lovely was one of the most precious things I saw in the fair..the only thing I really wished could come home with me. It is approx 6 x 5 inches.

The photo doesn’t do it justice. The artist was obviously a Rembrandt fan, and they did a good job of mimicking his luminescent style.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this fair. I went expecting it to be somewhat high brow and stuffy, especially considering its Chelsea location. Instead, I found it relaxed with tons of knowledgeable dealers, passionate about their wares and willing to share what they knew. Good fun.