A continuation of my previous collectionspost, here are more shots of glorious collections to ogle:

Vintage french home numbers.

If you were well monied you could replicate the look with similar signs from Ramsign in Denmark, who make vintage looking enamel signs…though it wouldn’t be quite the same with new signs.

To go off track for a second, my favourite of Ramsign’s line is the ‘Engelhardt’ range with the round, slightly convex numbers that would look amazing on a wall or part of a display. (Sorry for the tiny image. It is the only one they had!)

Each one is €49, though! Ouch.

Back to collections. I saw a lot of these Fulham pottery vases at the Antiques and Decorative Fair the other day. They look quite striking in multiples, no?


Beautifully patina-ed antique milk bottles.

An insanely enviable collection of real crowns!

Oh, how the magpie in me covets these sparklies.

Crown images from Paris Hotel Boutique
These little cousins have the right idea!
image via E-magDECO
T’woold suit me, don’t you think?