I never thought I would say this, but lately I have been really drawn towards slightly granny-ish rooms!

Maybe it is the contrast with the lifeless rooms we have been looking at in interiors shots for years, but a little bit of homey, gnome-ness (slightly kitsch/crafty) really cozies up a room.

Little details like embroidered, crocheted or knitted bed linen or throws and folksy patterns seem cozy and warm at the moment. Even when done in a crisp scandi-style room like below.

The patterns in this bed linen borrow from chintzy patterns, that have been reinterpreted by being blown up. The feel retains that granny-ish warmth, but takes away the cloying frilly-ness.

  images above via vt wonen

This below room really borders on too gnomey for me, but something about the mix of pattern and colour works. It is an inviting little room that calls out to be roosted in.

The mustard colour in this room screams of an earlier time, but really warms up the wood floor and white linens beautifully.

This combination of busy painting and busier throw shouldn’t be calming, but somehow, with the matching hues, it is!

This room. Well. What can you say? Crazy bird paintings hung un-level, mis-matching patterns and colours galore, but the blues tie it together and create a room that invites you to linger.

This room below by The Sleep Room is a perfect mix of retro styling – the 1950s detailing to their apt and simply named ‘retro bed‘ with the subtly curving headboard, the patterns in the throw and rug.
I doubt any of the elements are truly vintage, and are likely new imitations, but the feel takes me back the the nest days and screams ‘shag rug in the hallway’…but in a good way!
A little bit of nostalgia can be comforting, as long as it is just a hint.