On a follow up to my gnomey bedroom post, have you noticed how popular cut glass items are at the moment? The kind of kitsch ones that a few years ago you would have looked at with derision, but now think about with words like ‘quaint’ and ‘vintage’!?

Case in point are the items below. Not long ago these would have been the envy of grandmothers everywhere, but now they have crossed over into the mainstream with a vengeance. (I am quite certain the the purple carnival glass goblet on the right in the photo is a new Iittala one.)

Pretty, though, aren’t they? All jewel coloured and jellybean-like.

Below are another couple of joyously colourful groupings.

images above via All In The Detail
image via The Selby

I keep telling myself I am going to start collecting vintage glass candlesticks, but haven’t gotten a start on it yet. One of the main reasons is that I can’t make up my mind whether I will go for the multi coloured approach or stick to a more minimalist one like the elegant all clear one below.

image above via All In The Detail

Decisions, decisions, sigh.

It would be great if I could have the kind of patience it takes to collect something over time…that friends and family could contribute to on special occasions. Unfortunately, I always want the completed collection – yesterday!

Think this might be the collection I work at slowly. Let’s see how it goes.