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What better a way to start off a new string of posts than with more avain friends?

I have seen a few of images of Camilla Engdahl’s Ärla (wing tail) bird pots floating around lately and every time I do I get a pang of WANT! They fit into my mid-century modern obsession perfectly.

I covet the yellow and black ones badly! They are approx £35 (395 Krona) and they come in two different styles and sizes. The larger striped one and a baby polka dotted number.

These little pots vary in size and can be used for jewellery, paper clips, or even in the kitchen as they are food safe.

Her fun designs are influenced by 1970s textiles, patterns and designs, but for me the shapes also hark back to the post war Scandinavian aesthetic of clean stylized lines and bold graphic patterns.

From the Familjen series.

From her workshop located in the Swedish town Skövde, she creates these hand-thrown beauties…everything from cups flower pots.

The simple “Blom” flower pots below show a sense of humour in the tongue and cheek literal design.

They look beautiful with plants in them too!

I am looking forward to that day, hopefully soon, when a store in London will start carrying these, as they are currently only available in Sweden, Ireland, and the US.

Soon, grasshopper. Soon.
In the meantime, contact Camilla here to order.