Ah another Monday. Hopefully this post sees you into your new week with a bit of colourful fun!

Since starting this blog a few months ago I have started seeing owls everywhere. I have also, since, been banned from bringing any more little friends home, as the venerable Bubs is afraid they will find his body one day, smothered by a plethora of owl items…!

I am devoting this post to the owly things I have seen and liked, for those who might enjoy them.

There have been a lot of simple black on white prints of owls lately:

Like Utilitarian Franchise’s owl pillow and canvas,

and these beautiful, if ridiculously expensive, Fornasetti bookends.

Fab bedding from Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, these are only available in North America. (Why is it that, though both Urban Outfitters and it’s sister company Anthropologie have both opened in the UK, neither of them carry the full line of housewares? Frustrating!)


There have also been a lot of white ceramic pieces, which are always a hit with me. The following items are all available at The Cross in Vancouver, Canada.

Large umbrella stand (a must if you live in Van!).
image via Decor8

Soap dish.

Now these owls from Etsy would definitely fit into the ‘gnomey’ category, and might be just what a bedroom needs for a kitschy feel! See my Gnomey Bedroom post for a taste of the kind of room I mean. They really are borderline on nasty, though, which I think is why I like them!!

Here is a luminous owl painting by one of my favourite London artists, Gwen Ramsay:

Some paper characters from Mibo:

Cute shower curtain from New York’s Dwell Studio:

I keep seeing this exquisite silver and glass scent bottle from 1894 on Ebay. They are asking £850 for it, and it is obviously not going anywhere soon. Love seeing it and imagining it could be mine. Sigh.

I have noticed that most of the vintage owl glassware is from the US, and wonder what the influence was in the 50s, 60s and 70s that made us such a popular motif.

Here is a vintage vase from Retro Art Glass.

From the same shop, as mentioned on My Owl Barn, here is a glass Viking lantern, which also comes in red. Saw them both on US Ebay for much cheaper than the $50 the shop is asking for them, red ones are around $30. (Unfortunately, if you live in the UK, like me, it would cost about the same to ship!)

Vintage decanter and vase.

Mid century glass peanut dispenser.
image via US Ebay

So many gorgeous owly things. Oh Bubby, why have you cut me off???