The Selby featured  Michelle (Design Director Abercrombie & Fitch concept team) and Tracy McCormick (Designer with Gary Gibson Studio) at their home in  LA a few years ago.

I have seen the image of their fantastic reclaimed wine wine crate shelves since and just loved the jumble of interesting things on show. It is good to know where the image originated, and the rest of their house does not disappoint.

Check out some of their vignettes.

What a great mix of disparate stuff!

Mirrorball madness that works in a flashy, Vegas kind of way.

The original enticing shelves, possibly first viewed on Apartment Therapy?

View across the way…more gorgeous shelving!

I love seeing such original, personalised spaces. So much nicer to see really interesting homes that people actually live in and love than sterile, soulless shells, don’t you think?