Welcome to the second installation of my Friday celebration, heralding in the weekend with all good things secondhand!

Though last week was a meagre week in my charity shop finds, I am counting it as successful, as I have now officially started my collection of ‘granny glass’ (see post regarding joys of glass candlesticks).

Here is my haul, such as it is – two vintage pressed glass candlesticks and a frame, shown already sprayed black, as I got ahead of myself and painted it before shooting the picture for this post!

Since that photo seems so uninspired and lonely, I am including a picture of the weiner dog bought a few weeks back, now painted a sophisticated matte white (well, as sophisticated as this little puppy will get, anyway!).

The ceramics on the box are salt and pepper shakers from Hornsea Pottery that I scored at my favorite shop a couple months ago, and a cheese dish and platter from Poole pottery, from their hand painted 1950s Freeform range, bought on Ebay.

I have high hopes for this week’s treasure trolling, as we are heading to the coast, land of the popped clog and, therefore (hopefully), thrift store heaven! Wish me luck, and enjoy the weekend.