I love the practical and relaxed look of mismatched dining chairs. It just makes so much sense, and is so much more eco-friendly! Why DO dining chairs have to match?

I have been noticing 2 schools of thought on this method – the mismatched but same colour, which gives a more polished look, and the mixed colour but same stylistic period.

Here are some tied together by the same colour:

image via Design Squish

In the case of these ones below…no colour, but transparent!

image via Things We Heart

Now for the more random feeling approach.

image viaA Mad Tea Party With Alis

images above via VT Wonen

There is a real sense of individuality in this method, as everyone in the household picks their favourite, and makes a chair ‘theirs’.

According to the Guardian supplement to Vintage & Antiques this past weekend, a pair of chairs costs 3 times more than a single chair –  so buying ones you like, separately and over time would save you a bunch of money, too!

Cost effective AND environmentally friendly! What more could you ask for?