I am afraid I don’t have a ‘Thrift Store Friday’ post for this week, as the trip to the coast last week bore no fruit whatsoever! The charity shops were sadly bare of anything interesting, which was very disappointing.

So instead, this Friday I bring you some wonderful furniture…

On Tuesday I introduced some of you to interior decorator Brad Ford from the blog Design Therapy.

One of the images posted was of this fantastic recliner, which I had assumed was vintage, and now find (thanks to the above blog!) is the work of designer Timothy Oulton.

Oulton’s pieces strive to retain individuality, with irregularities welcomed and cherished, giving them a timeless, lovingly worn in feel.

His collections include vintage and antique items and ‘aims to create a feel of faded English grandeur meets flea market’ (this is from his website).

I am really drawn to deep plush velvets right now.

Tufting as well!

The mirrored finish on these traditional chests glams them up, giving them a Art Deco/Old Hollywood feel.

This ‘scaffolding table’ below reminds me of the mortician’s table I posted ages ago, only on a much larger scale.

I have to say, I have never been a big one for leather furniture, but love the worn in look of these items.

It has been a while since I have seen contemporary furniture to covet! Yum.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend, all.