In my ongoing quest for more treasures to pad out the flat and scare Bubby with the impending doom of suffocation, I have come across British glass company Dartington.     

This happened quite by accident on one of my ebay trolls, as I came across a floor vase I liked, bid on it, won…and then realised I had actually won a collector’s piece! Joy.  

Dartington Crystal was created by Dartington Trust, who recruited their ‘first Managing Director, Eskil Vilhemson, from a Swedish Glass manufacturer, who in turn recruited a team of Scandinavian glass blowers and brought them to Devon. The factory was officially opened in June 1967 when it employed just 35 people.‘ (Dartington website)     

Frank Thrower was the chief designer and creative inspiration at Dartington since it’s inception until his death in 1987.     

Adding to my treasure horde is his Inkwell vase (FT223) – the amber on the left. 10.5 inches in height it was produced in 1978 -79 in a short run by Wood Brothers of Yorkshire in amber, jet, smoke and green. Apparently, at the time, Dartington did not have the capacity for the colour ranges.    


The Inkwell was created along with 2 other shapes. 

The  Candy  (FT224) vase 29cm …and the bulbuous Volterra  (FT222) vase 26cm. 


Here is a stunning shot of the three of them together. Oh, how I drool and covet the set!      


  image via 20th Century Forum

Small aside – I am currently bemoaning the fact that I hadn’t heard of Glass Etc. when we were in Rye a few months ago. The shop looks gorgeous. The store also has a very informative and droolworthy website with many images from Dartington’s lines and other antique/vintage glass, which is where I have gotten so many of these beautiful shots.