Born in a small converted workshop at the back of a filling station in Corbridge, Northumberland, RE carries an interesting mix of recycled, upcycled and new items both online and in store.

The following are things I found interesting and have been eyeing up for some time now.

First on the list is this fantastic tin replica of a vintage kids math toy, called The Educated Monkey, which performs basic maths by moving his little hands. Great idea!

Vintage American jadite glass bowls. Love these and constantly trying to find a reason to NEED them! They would be so much nicer to mix in than plastic, wouldn’t they? Is that reason enough? Well, will have to wait until they get more in stock now, as they are out. Damn!

Recycled glass drops.

Pearly King Cushions with mother of pearl- because every woman knows – you can never have enough cushions!

Set of 4 recycled Calligraphy Notebooks. I hardly ever use notebooks, but maybe these would help me keep a sketchbook?

Vintage Metal Corkscrews. Pretty shapes. Awwrk.

Vintage measuring tools.

Vintage Plates re-fired with new images

Love their wares! Just wish they would take the slow flash intros off every page on their website, and make the navigation easier! (took me ages to find the monkeys! REdiscover? REflect?? What is it under? Arrrgh!)

Browsing pretty happy things could be so much more pleasant!