As mentioned in previous posts, I am a little obsessed with collecting and display at the moment.

Have you ever tried to collect a group of something, then realised how hard it can be to get shapes and colours to work unless the items are already in front of you and you can mix and match? Well, let me tell you…it isn’t easy!

I have collected a few images of glass groupings to get a feel for what makes a good ‘group’, as a starting point for future ‘acquisitions’. Ahem.

I have noticed that an easy way to play it safe is to group coloured glass from the same maker in different shapes. This way you get the exact same colour glass and can just vary shapes.

 This vintage set below is Whitefriars glass.

image above via H is For Home

A yellow group from US company,  Blenko:

I drool over the idea of pristine, all white groupings like the Empoli one below, but then get caught up in the gloriousness of coloured glass…

…like this!

Here is a bit of variation in this glass selection from Kastrup – same colour, different tones:


Going a little further into colour theory, these are almost ‘complimentary’ colours – opposite each other on the colour wheel – creating a more dynamic combination, than the calmer, one hued previous examples.

And finally, throwing caution somewhat to the winds (the colours are still within a certain tone and feel):

Look at the amazing shapes of these Empoli vases! Yum.

images above via VMGlasshouse

So many choices. How can one little owl decide???