Well, the intention to have this be a weekly post quickly fell through the cracks as life in the studio got busy, and my Friday secondhand shopping excursions got curtailed!

I decided it had been much too long last week, though, and took a trek out to my favourite haunts.

As usual my favourite Sally Ann did not disappoint! Below are my finds.

Here I am above with the crystal tray I picked up to protect my large Ercol table. (The varnish is really delicate, and any moisture promptly marks the surface! Must wax it or something.).

I still don’t feel the tray is quite right. It is colourless and the right size but a little too fussy. I was hoping for something clear that is more modern and clean lined. However, the price was right and it will do for now and keep my darling table safe. The set of pebble tables were a fabulous gift from Bubby [the house elf], and are very precious to me!

I picked up all the plates above for £1.50! Perfect addition to my mixed pattern vintage set I have been accumulating.

A fairly successful haul, all in all!