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I absolutely LOVE the image of this room posted on the From Scandinavia With Love blog on Swedish store Svenskt Tenn.

It is just the perfect combination of colours with the bright hits of contrasting orange and turquoise. So cozy and juicy looking!

The image on the textiles page is gorgeous too.

So are many of the wares in their shop! Check it out


Beautiful photos from Trine Thorsen’s minimal site.

For the last while, I have been eyeing up tray displays in various images, and have been looking for the right tray for my bedside table so that I can protect my treasured Ercol pebble tables from spills and cup marks, and create my own lovely little bedside display.

When Julie at Belle Maison sent this post on trays, it reminded me of the images I have been squirreling away for my own post on the topic, and my need to get back on the search!

Unfortunately, I have found myself frustrated at all turns at finding the perfect tray. There seems to be an odd dearth of affordable decorative trays in the UK, for some reason.

Below are my personal picks.

I know I have posted the image above before, but it is such a lovely tray arrangement!

The one below makes me think of maybe getting one of those colourful melamine trays from Ikea and just covering it with a decoupage of nice paper?

A clear acrylic tray would be my first choice, but am not having any luck finding one in the UK. If someone has a suggestion as to where to find one, it would be most welcome!

images from Apartment Therapy, Belle Maison, Lonny Magazine & Pink Wallpaper

Another thank you to Desire To Inspire for their post on Selby-like site Freunde von Freunden in Germany.

Here are some images from Frank Stüve’s Berlin home.

Love this home from this month’s Livingetc.

Really like all the hits of lime green and turquoise in the bright rooms…so cheery!

Like most children, I always wanted a treehouse, which is why my pulse started beating faster when I saw Apartment Therapy’s post on La Cabane Perchee, a company that designs treehouses!

How much do I want to stay at Orion B&B in France… Located in St-Paul de Vence by a forest in the Cote d’Azur, this looks like perfection.

With cabins this cute and a gorgeous environment and natural pool to swim in on a hot Riviera day, what more could one possibly want?

Maybe just to live there forever?!

I do have a ‘milestone’ birthday coming up in a few years…this might be the perfect place to spend it!

I have been thinking a lot about painting again lately and think it is time to spend a bit of time looking at artist’s work again on the Roost as well as design.

Below are some beautiful oil paintings and abstract ‘fireworks’ drawings by NY artist Rosemarie Fiore- yes, made with burning fireworks! The oils below are combinations of plein air paintings and abstractions of New York construction sites. Brilliant.

These drawings are made by dragging smoking fireworks across the surface in different ways. Check out images of how she does it on her website.
last 2 images via All the Mountains

Have a good weekend, all.

Happy Canada Day to all my little canucks across the globe!

A beaver tail to keep you happy.


image via Digital Journal

Hanging pendant lighting can be a bit of a chore, and having hung lights before and then decided that they are either too high or too low, the idea of ‘rise and fall’ pendants make soooo much sense.

Another example of industrial wares making it into the home, they were first produced for workspaces to allow the worker to pull the lighting closer in when needed.

image via Conran Shop

image via The French House

image via Home Depot

Great for kitchens and dining areas, as you can pull the lights closer when needed, and push them back up when you need more space.

image via Restoration Hardware

image via Apartment Therapy

image via Remodelista

image via Designer Junk Finder

The weight on the one below is a canon ball found on a beach!

image via Lamp Repair Shop


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