I was reminded last night of an artist’s work I really admire, Chloe Piene’s.

I saw a solo show of her work at the Witte de With in Rotterdam a few years ago and was blown away by her diaphanous charcoal drawings on vellum.

Though they are skeletal and dark, the line quality and translucent paper create a feeling of delicate beauty and fragility.

There were also several of her haunting videos being screened, one in a cavernous dark room in the basement, which was extremely creepy! It was nearly closing time when I got down there, and I was the only person in the huge space, watching her piece ‘WHO SLEPT WITH WHO‘  which is inspired by horror films.

Needless to say, I was only down there for a short bit before scampering back into the light!

Not a huge fan of video work, I actually stayed returned and watched ‘BLACKMOUTH‘ over and over until the gallery closed. A first for me.

See more of her drawings and excerpts of her videos on her extensive website.