Still obsessing over the lighting in the new place in between painting and exhaustion! The new lounge is quite a bit smaller than our current one – maybe a quarter of the size (!) – so have been reconfiguring furniture in my head and trying to come up with ways to jam our beloved sofa in the space next week when we move.

Of course, during these considerations the issue of lighting has been foremost on my mind, as there is nothing worse than a poorly lit space! (Obsession!) Due to space constrictions it seems like side tables for the sofa are out and anything other than wall mounted lighting will be out. In considering options, and a (nonexistent budget after paying the deposit) I was thinking of doing some ikea hacking when brilliance hit! I will finally have a chance to try out Sibella‘s trick with a lampshade…hanging it on a hook with a long, pooling flex.

For the last year and a bit I have been holding on to a vintage lamp shade that I was planning to use in another project, but it didn’t look quite right. This might be it’s big moment! Now I can finally get that red flex I sourced ages ago for another  project! Or should I go with orange to contrast with the bluey dove grey we are painting in the lounge…hmmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Here are a few more…ending with a slight variation…

well hung, indeed!