My lighting plans for the new place progress, and I will soon be able to put some of them into action as the big move is on Sat! Exhausted, but very much looking forward to just getting in.

We don’t have any beds for the new place yet, but I find the idea of having the mattress on top of a rug for a few months oddly cheering. No more ugly, cheap ikea beds! I can finally get some aesthetically pleasing ones that don’t have to be hidden… YAY!  I hope to find some on Freecycle that I can reupholster or otherwise fix up to suit.

Back to lighting…won the vintage bag chandelier below on ebay for a steal a couple of days ago and have been thinking how I would like to hang it in the bedroom. I have this vague idea of having a super long cord, maybe coloured, looped across the ceiling and then hung low….somewhere…! But until I get into the house, I can’t really plan how it is going to go.

I think it will be a more casual look for the chandelier and plan for a similar feel to the pendants in my post a few days ago. Only hung from the ceiling.

It will be something like the low hanging chandeliers from below…kind of…maybe…will post the result!