Still in total nest building mode and  have been considering buying a new, larger throw for my lovely new bed as the new house has gaps EVERYWHERE and is quite chilly (I hate to see what it is going to be like in winter. Bubby is on a big draft proofing binge at the moment, though, so maybe we will be ok).

Being my typical fussy self, I want just the perfect throw…but can’t decide what that is!  I have decided that  cashmere is not practical for throws, though (gasp!), as I currently have a small one which is about 6 years old and has me constantly worried about holes and moths.

However, as I am obsessed about the feel of fabrics I have narrowed it down to super soft mohair, virgin wool or…the new discovery…alpaca.

Have you ever touched an alpaca throw? Beauty!

So here are the front runners – click on item to be taken to link.

The first is by Row Pinto, a textile artist in London who makes them in her studio in Depford. They feel gorgeous – light and soft.

Second grey one (seeing a theme here?) is alpaca by a company in Ireland – Simple Things – who gets them ethically manufactured in Peru – again dreamy soft and light.

The last is mohair – light, fluffy and would add some nice texture to the room – in either silver grey or cream. This one would likely be easiest to find somewhere other than Heals (read CHEAPER).

Now the only thing is – only the Row Pinto is anywhere near the size I want at either 110 x 210cm or 130 x 220cm. The others are both 130 x 180, and I would like to be able to tuck under at then end of the bed to make it look tailored during the day.

Hmmmm. Conundurum.