I have been noodling away on decorating the house while working and getting ready for a show (!)  and am trying to take things slowly, despite my ingrained impatience, so I can get a good sense of how we are using the new spaces.

I have chosen to use predominantly complementary colours in the bedroom, but faded-out shades – duck egg turquoise and sunfaded orange/gold morrocan rugs.

The white curtain wall is now up behind the bed (with a bit of finicking around and finally having to hack my own fittings, they look perfect – see below), and I have been looking at the space and trying to figure out how to inject some fun into the space before sorting out shelving etc. for my collections.

As it stands, the room currently feels calm but somewhat dull.

I am thinking some bright, zingy yellow to lift the mood and create a bit of fun…like in these chilled out rooms below.

The shoddy photo below shows one side of the room ‘before’ and mocked up in Photoshop with the yellow table ‘after’.  You can’t see either the blue silk curtains on the windows opposite the bed, or the orange rugs, so hard to get a feel for it all. Sorry!

However – on a bit of an offside – you CAN see my lovely new Coco bed from The Sleep Room, which I am soooo happy with. I highly recommend them…their service is great and the quality of the beds high. They even have a ‘Head of Happiness’ who follows up on orders to see if their customers are satisfied! Love it.

Back to the yellow…better, yes? Oh – the chandelier is a Photoshop mock up too. I am thinking a yellow cord to echo the table.

I will try to keep adding to this as the room and house progresses.

I have a bad habit of forgetting the ‘before’ pictures, like with the dresser peeking into the shot on the left of the room. I was planning a before and after post, and then, 2 weeks later, after stripping like a madwoman and completely refinishing the dresser to perfection I went to my computer to see the difference … and realised I deleted the before pictures! Arrgh! ;-/

Am trying to do better with that so that I have a record of my progress on this place this time around! Comments and suggestions on my posted ideas are welcome.