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As mentioned yesterday, my order from Urban Cottage Industries arrived and I am super excited to get started on wiring and potentially burning the house down!

(yes, that seems really amusing at the moment, but maybe not so much if the place actually does go up in flames!! Must make sure the insurance is in order)

The package arrived first thing in the morning on my day off, and was a great start to the day. I had forgotten how getting a nicely wrapped/considered package can really make a difference in excitement levels! I opened the box to a succession of recycled brown paper-wrapped, paper-taped and hand-stamped packages….each like a little gifty in themselves. My heart started to beat faster….and then I began opening them and got more and more thrilled.

Luckily I was lucid enough to take some photos before it all got out of hand. Here is the first section of goodies:

A detail on the cage. They have tons of other finishes on the metal, but I loved the rust. I was pleasantly surprised that this was Bubby’s first choice too…thought he would go for the more polished ones. Who knew? (apparently not me)

Had to pause and wallow here, as I got giddy about the light bulb fittings.

Yes, I truly am a freak.

These are proper, old-school fittings! I am SUPER thrilled that they are solid brass and bronze, have a gorgeous weight and finish, and…here is the part that makes me a super-freak – the inside fittings where the wires will attach are CERAMIC!

I got a little shiver of joy handling these. No one will ever see them, but the quality and high-end detail of that THRILLS me! (nerd)

Then I opened the cute  little box included with the order and found a spectrum of braided cord! Oh!

How gorgeous are those? Now I am glad I couldn’t wait for the samples to order my colours, as I never would have been able to decide…they are all tempting.

Here is what I chose. The yellow for the chandelier in the bedroom and the red for the hall and a lamp in the lounge.

After all this giddiness, I found one last thing that really spoke to me about this little company’s true commitment to materials and eco-sensitivity (read here)…their business card is printed on card recycled from what looks like a cereal package!

If it is possible to love a company, I think I am in love…