I know I am back on a lighting streak, but I see so many bad DIY projects that when a clever one comes along it just blows me away, so wanted to post this for future reference!

How fun is this DIY chandelier idea?

All you need are y-shaped socket adapters and a screw in fixture for the ceiling and you can make it as big/small as you want!

Think you could make this look more custom by spray painting the adapters a bright colour and using huge globe or other interesting shaped bulbs.

If you are as energy obsessed as our household is, you could get these halogen adapters for different bulb shapes:

You could also use some brightly coloured silk flex from Urban Cottage Industry – as mentioned in last week’s posts–  and have the ‘coral’ hanging down as a pendant.

Oh woe is me…I am running out of places in the house to make lights for!!!! I am having so much fun that maybe I will try punting a few on ebay, just so I can keep making them!

Update on this – I was just reading a book on mid century design – Handcrafted Modern – where the author talks about visiting designer Irving Harper at his home and seeing this in the hallway! Which came first…hmmm…