I have finally decided on a type of storage for the bedroom, and though it seems a bit decadent, one unit fits the alcove in the bedroom perfectly (and when I say perfectly, I mean EXACT. It is uncanny.), and can also be expanded on and modified for future.

Yes, these are my justifications to myself. That, and I have a birthday coming up and I decided a couple of years ago that I would treat myself to an investment piece a year every birthday from now on (Great idea, non? I highly recommend it!).

So behold: Swedish architect/designer Nils Strinning’s String shelving!

Designed in 1949, this iconic shelving system has just been re-released in several different metal finishes and woods. Really like how clean and airy they are, despite being able to hold tons of stuff.

Below is an old-school vintage one. Like the way the shape of the brackets varies in the old ones.

I was planning on a white metal/walnut wood combo, but I just went to check the real item out at Skandium and was a little disappointed that the ‘wood’ is veneer, and not solid. Especially for the £700+ price tag that I would be looking at for my dream combo (drawers and 3 shelves above)! I get that they were designed at a time when mass production techniques were exciting and a novelty, but the idea of spending that kind of money today on something that isn’t even solid wood makes me cringe.

So plan B – look around for a vintage set and… I am afraid to say this out loud…paint it!!!

I know. It seems sacrilegious to paint good vintage furniture, especially collectibles, but I figure I could always strip it back and danish oil it if I change my mind… It feels so wrong, though.

As it stands, decor-wise, though I can’t possibly have any more shades of wood in the bedroom, as I already have a walnut dresser and dark Ercol pebbles (mostly out of a lack of anywhere else to put my babies in the small house!).

Another bonus of buying second-hand/used, along with having the original that has lived through 50 some odd years – they are 1/4 of the price. I can get double my wish set for £400! This would mean storing half of it for future use, but as they have re-issued the brackets I can buy another set and one day have a large unit (if we ever move somewhere with enough space), or have a set in 2 rooms.

Decisions, decisions.

Plan C is one I am researching at the moment…and would get most satisfying results…if I could buy the metal brackets for the shelves, I could then buy the white metal ladder panels and make the shelves myself out of solid walnut or white ash. Then it would be absolutely perfect.

But a lot more work!

Will keep you posted!