I am starting to feel a little ADHD with all the projects I am posting lately!

Along with the other projects, etc, that I have been working on I have also been considering how to upcycle a cheap cotton ikea rug for the kitchen and am starting to think I might try tie-dye.

Now, I know what you are thinking, but look at all these understated examples of contemporary tie-dye for interiors and tell me it doesn’t stop the automatic cringe that comes when you hear the term!

Think these are from satan’s retail outlet, Anthropologie:

They look great on this bed below:

The following are my usual go-to, stripes, which I think would hide dirt nicely on a rug:

Here is an actual rug:

I especially like the pattern on the top left hand side with the 2 solid sides and stripey middle in the photo below.

Thinking the grey/black combo is the most understated, and least like typical tie-dye, which is probably why I like it. I would love to be able to get the light grey edges and the darker black random bits on the inside of the pattern, like the pillow above. Wonder how hard it would be.

Think I have just found another project to add to my ever-growing list!