Some of you already know my obsession for bubbles of all kinds, and to celebrate the bulbuousness of it all I have decided that this week is going to be Bubble week!

I have been doing some research for my own amusement and figured I would do a bunch of posts on George Nelson’s glorious Bubble Lamps…just because it amuses me. So there. Heh.

First released in 1952 by Howard Miller in Michigan, they were re-released by Modernica in 2000 – again in Michigan!

For those of you who have never handled one, they have a squishy membrane that feels slightly like skin, making them fragile  and oddly anthropomorphic. The membrane also yellows as it gets older and develops a beautiful, warm patina like below.

I have been wondering for years now how they are actually made and came across this post on the Modernica blog with a step by step of how they are assembled.

Take a peek if such things interest you, it is fascinating how this:

…gets sprayed with vinyl while spinning:

…and ends up like this: