After preparing yesterday’s post I kept browsing and came across some rare variations on the Nelson Bubble Lamp which Modernica is not reproducing.

I figured I would post them here and keep adding to them as I run across different ones. They aren’t easily found!

Here is a newsprint image from the Modernica blog showing Nelson with the early models. I am pretty sure all of these in the photo have been relaunched, but note the pulley cord fixture on one of the pendants to the top left. How great is that option?

Here are a couple of different shapes in the pendant.

A faceted round.

And a lotus-like flared.

I am quite partial to the old tripod models, as they aren’t as polished as the re-released versions.

The one below is good fun, and looks like someone made their own base for the shade!

Below is my favourite, a gorgeous floor-standing model with three-leg birch frame.

Love the wooden tripod, but have only ever seen a few Bubbles with them online. Not sure if the tripod was released as an accessory, or if they were just added by people along the way. Either way, they are beautiful.