As I was searching for interesting shapes and types of Bubbles for yesterday’s post, I came across a fantastic find – scans of an original 1968 Howard Miller brochure for George Nelson lamps!

I found them here on atomicpear‘s flickr stream where you can download the full size images and read the tiny, tiny text.

Once I did this and printed it out I saw that not only were there more shapes and types of Bubble lamps than I had ever seen, but that accessories – legs, pulleys, walnut swing arms, chandelier units and even a 4 socket option could be added to customise all the lamps as needed!

How fecking fabulous would that have been? *Drool*

And I think there must have been even more options at one point as I don’t see the walnut tripod in this brochure.

Here are the images:

Here are the chandelier cluster options:

Also included in the brochure is Nelson’s Net Light Collection, pictured below:

The blurb at the front of the catalogue reads, somewhat awkwardly:

“Airy, light-hearted “Bubbles” designed by George Nelson, make lamps and light fixtures that delight the eyes and warm the heart. Their pleasing, rounded shapes are fashioned in sturdy, lightweight steel and a special translucent white plastic. Use any incandescent or colored light bulb from 25 to 300 watts — the “Bubbles” will always cast a soft, even light. A variety of shapes and sizes. . . and a choice of accessories turn the basic “Bubbles” into ceiling pulley fixtures, floor lamps, table lamps, or wall pin-ups! Exceedingly practical, the Bubble Lamps may be washed on the outside with a soft brush, mild soap suds and warm water, and cleaned on the inside with vacuum cleaner attachments.”

So there are the official Bubble Lamp cleaning instructions, too, though I would hesitate to take even a soft brush to the fragile membrane!

Thanks again atomicpear!