In keeping with the bubbly theme this week, let me tell you about my trip out to Wandsworth.

To make a long story short, the shopping journey was a huge success. One might even say TOO much of a success, although not as far as Mastercard is concerned (meanwhile I am trying to figure out how to make the last of the cash last to the end of the month! Eeeesh.)….but more why next week!

Back to Bubble-mania, and how this string of bubble posts started …

While I was checking out the shelving at Modern Metropolis – a tempting little store filled with amazing Mid Century treasures – I couldn’t resist  the Belgian pendant lamp below, which has a membrane-like shade similar to Nelson’s round bubble (this is where my Bubble research started, as I wanted to know what the material is made of to clean it. The answer is vinyl, apparently!).

(pardon the crappy nocturnal shot)

It was a bit grubby and had a few little dings, so here it is after an overhaul – a good clean with warm soapy water, inside vacuumed, wooden dowl-y bit spray painted (not shown) and fully rewired with fabric covered flex:

I discovered something rather useful while cleaning this – how to fix dings or slight damage to the vinyl membrane. This will work on the Nelson Bubble lamps as well.

Just dampen a cloth in hot water and stroke over the indent while gently – and I stress GENTLY- pressing the ding out from the inside of the lamp. The heat will soften the vinyl and as it dries it should stretch out nice and tight.

This sorted out a fairly major dent that I caused by letting the top fitting rest on the vinyl overnight (DON’T DO THIS. Nearly gave myself a coronary. eesh.).

While I do already own one of Modernica’s re-released Bubbles (criss-cross saucer), I have to say I really love the patina of this old one and am just as thrilled with it as if it were a real Nelson Bubble!

Fecking fabulous, no?

: I have since learned that these lamps are generally referred to as ‘cocoon’ lamps after Castiglioni’s lamps for Flos…and am seeing many of the same lamps listed as Castigioni for FLOS!