I know it isn’t Friday, but I wanted to add another edition to my sadly neglected ‘Thrift Store Friday’ category which I have been pretty lazy in keeping going! Not that I haven’t been thrifting…I just haven’t been blogging my fab finds! Bad Winnie.

Here is the latest troll-a- thon…Tynemouth Market. We were up in Newcastle last weekend for a group show and I was seriously disparing the lack of charity shop magic when on the last day – in the pouring rain- we decided to hit the antiques market at Tynemouth…and hit the jackpot.

In a beautiful victorian train station, the market was shielded from the pouring rain.

My shopping frenzy started with some antique wooden juggling battons:

Then moved on to this delicate little pair of turquoise parrots. I saw them glowing from a distance and swooped in for the kill.

Aren’t they amazing with the orange of the vase? And they have TONGUES:

Bubs is STILL mocking me for them, as he just doesn’t get their fabulousness. Poor, poor Bubby. Heh.

The cased orange vase was at a stall nearby.

I also scored an amazing vintage wooden tripod. The before image was lost in a camera glitch, but I will be unveiling the transformation tomorrow.

Lastly, but certainly not least, was this arched mirror. It is a little heavy, but I had my Sherpa (AKA Bubs) carry it for me most of the way, so it wasn’t too bad.

Here it is in the front hall with the juggling batons and some antique measuring sticks:

All in all, the North was pretty damn good to me, don’t you think?