I am unveiling my newest completed project today! I had planned a DIY post for my new tripod lamp but all of my in progress shots were lost by a camera glitch, so the grotty condition of the tripod pre-project are now gone. Grr.

You will just have to take my word for it….dusty, dirty and grimy, this poor baby needed a good brass-brushing, lubing and teak oiling to bring it to its present splendour (if I do say so myself. ahem!). The legs were so gummed up not even the mighty Bubs could get them to extend fully!

I was a bit surprised to find the maroon iron bit at the top, as it was a filthy grey and I assumed it would be brass or straight iron before it started coming clean. It adds a nice bit of warmth.

This project was remarkably quick and easy in the end. After cleaning the tripod I took the camera attachment off the top and added the items below – a 4cm ‘nipple’ (yes, that is the actual technical term!)and bolt to attach the bulb holder securely and then about 3 meters of beautiful black and white chevron flex cord.

I left the cord super long so it would pool nicely under the lamp and added the plug.

Still need to find a foot switch for it, but here is the reveal:

Ta dah! I do plan to change the crazy shade to something a bit wider and narrower in a plain fabric…I just have to find the right thing. Anyway, this shade fits for now!

Now I just have to get to the point where I start actually selling these projects instead of hoarding! Eesh.