I saw these amazing chest of drawers on a lunchtime trek to Alfie’s Antiques Market in Marylebone. Although the  shop owner had 3 of these and was quick to tell me they were £1000 each, he didn’t know who the designer or maker was…which I thought was a bit lazy (if you had 3 in your store wouldn’t you look it up? Hell, even ONE???). All he knew was that they were British.

Anyway, judgements aside for the day, they are really lovely solid wood pieces that you could store TONS of stuff in.

Curious to know more, I posted it in the forum on Design Addict and got an immediate reply…Esavian Ltd! Apparently the company used to make educational furniture.

This is from Salvonews: ‘Esavian was the trading brand name for the Educational Supply Association Ltd, a leading UK supplier of school books, school furniture and fixtures including laboratory equipment, windows and folding partitions. The ESA seems to have commenced trading in 1883 at a purpose-built factory in Fishers Green Road in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. The company had a forward-looking approach to modern materials and technologies. Esavian stood for low-cost, good quality furniture, but they became best known for innovative folding classroom partitions.’ read more here.

One of the cabinets I saw had the drawers painted white, which looks amazing, but I haven’t been able to find a picture large enough of a painted example to show all  of you.

But here it is with its drawers open!

Here is a 1950s compass table with matching chair, which might have inspired Jean Prouvé’s Compass table  :

A side/coffee table:

And in solid wood:

Here is the logo for future reference:

I’ll be keeping an eye out for these items now!