This post is for a little friend of mine…

Ok, so it is not that I don’t like people (those who know me can insert laugh here), but if there is anything that ruins the mood of a bedroom it is the thought that neighbours are watching you wander around in your underwear!

Also, this is the view across the street –

Pretty ‘meh’ – so for obvious reasons I didn’t really want it to be the  main focal point in the small room with 2 big windows!

(Pardon the dark photos, but it was tricky getting my dinky camera to account for both inside and outside light in these shots)

After doing a bit of research into films and not really feeling it on the cost, I saw this great post on Manhattan Nest and gave the idea a try for myself.

The whole thing ended up being super simple, and even better – FREE.

Just get some fabric – however opaque you want it to be – sheerer stuff than mine if you want to be able to see out at all (i used off cuts from an ikea curtain i had cut down a while ago). I suppose you could use patterned/lacy or coloured fabric you wanted to get crazy with this.

Then you mix up corn starch and water….um, not sure on exact quantity, as I just trial and errored it. Doesn’t really matter as long as it makes a paste. Say a tablespoon to a cup of water, maybe? Microwave it for about a minute until it is a thick, gloopy paste – like custard. If you go too thick, just add water until it thins to right consistency.

Then cut your fabric so that it is slightly wider than the glass  – again a trial and error discovery – the end product looks much cleaner going right over the frame, so you don’t see light around the edges.

Also, if you do it this way, the fabric doesn’t have to be exactly straight or even all that tidy, as it doesn’t show against white frame once glued down. Perfect for those of us with straight-edge phobias!

Tip – Don’t bother ironing the fabric as it is a waste of energy…the water in the starch flattens creases out.

Grab a paint brush and smear a strip of paste on the window at the top, as in the photo below:

Smooth the fabric into paste so it sticks, then just paint the rest of the fabric on, pushing the paste through the weave with the brush and saturating the fabric evenly it so it sticks without leaving too much gloop on top.

You can remove excess by going over it with the brush. Don’t bother fussing with cards or squeegees or anything, the brush does the job.

Do this all the way down to the bottom of the pane of glass you are covering. I m the length at the end, when the rest of the fabric is all glooped down, then smoothed the bottom edge to finish. That is pretty much it.

The whole process is pretty forgiving and you can reposition the fabric as long as the paste is wet. It took me about 40 mins to do the 4 panes in my room, and that is mostly because I didn’t know what I was doing so it took a bit longer.

To remove, wet with a sponge and unpeel. Then clean up the starch residue. Perfect for rentals as it will come off easily and not lose you your deposit.

This is the dry, finished product. I have since removed the sheers that are just visible at the top of the frame.

The windows look much cleaner and less fussy, and the focus in the room isn’t distracted by the red and green outside. Now, while I still get a bright sunshiney glow in the room, all I can see is the sky (unless I open the window).

This also means I can leave the curtains open through twilight and watch the indigo fade to black…perfect…