Bubby and I went a little crazy on Monday and decided to do a quickie chalk board feature wall in the scary rental bathroom we have been shackled with in the new house. The walls are atrocious, so I thought this would help camouflage the worst wall and add some personality!

The decision was spurred on by this cheeky Elle Decoration cover, which I just loved:

…especially the unedited dirty bits – click on the image to read (details posted by Popbitch):

 Here are a few more images I have saved on this trend…

A natural history line drawing:


I particularly like the look of the next 2 ‘messy’ ones below.

These feel more natural, fun …and this is going to sound horrifically snobby (yes, I DO hear how much of an insufferable snot I must sound sometimes! Heh!), but the lighter grey of the wiped out chalk will lighten up the black a bit and make it more textural. Like the panel below, it becomes more like an expressionist painting and brings it all together somehow.

I can’t wait to get the chalk out when I get home from work. I will post the wall when we have the initial drawings done. Bubs has some nautical themed ideas and I am thinking maybe something akin to Tacita Dean’s yummy blackboard drawings, like the series The Roaring Forties: Seven Boards in Seven Days.

Little by little that poor, neglected bathroom is being redeemed out of the ghetto madness it is currently in (you will understand what I mean when I post the befores – dirty green/yellow, orangey wood, blue patterned tiles…brrrr! I was getting a rash even walking into the room.)

I can’t wait!