I have become obsessed with this image from Bo-laget‘s website.

The colours are exactly the ones have in my bedroom at the moment…except for the green….and I get a huge warm fuzzy every time I look at the shot! I love the fabric used on the chair and headboard! It just looks so cozy and calm…I think it is now, officially, in my top ten of interiors shots! (simple? who me??)

The image is from a real estate agency’s website in Malmö who has garnered so much interest in their beautiful photographs that they have launched an ‘inspiration’ section on their website and facebook – Bolaget Inspiration.

One small glitch is that the search function doesn’t seem to work (Google Translate is only so effective!)…but there are still quite a few gorgeous images on the site to troll through.

Every single place they are selling is STUNNING and have to be flying off the market! They must have an amazing stylist and photographer on hand for all these…because if everyone in Sweden lives like this, I am moving NOW (or just crying big crocodile tears of envy and wishing I had been born with a silver spoon up my avian butt so I could recreate my own Swedish perfection in London!).

Sigh…so damn pretty they bring a tear to my little owl eyes…