My newest weekly (or so it seems!) obsession are Kaiser Idell lamps.

As the new Fritz Hansen store in the West End opened recently I went by on lunch to check it out the other day…

…and got a serious drool on when I saw the Idell lamps in real life!

The ones show above have been re-released by Fritz Hansen and are really solid, glossy and gorgeous. The Luxus 6631 desk lamps are much larger than I expected and make a huge statement on a table. Beautiful.

When you see them you’ll notice that all the ones produced by Kaiser Leuchten GmbH have ‘ORIGINAL KAISER IDELL’ stamped on the shades.

It is so exciting to be learning more and more about design classics and one of the most interesting parts is finding out about the designers themselves as I do my research!

A little background – initially a silversmith, Christian Dell designed numerous lamps and was the principal of the Bauhaus metal shop from 1922 to 1925 before Hitler dismissed him.

His biggest success, the iconic KAISER Idell – ‘idell’ standing for Dell’s ‘idea’ – were produced during this time in cooperation with the lighting manufacturer Gebr. Kaiser & Co. in Neheim, Germany.

I thought I would try itemising all of the ones I could find, as there doesn’t seem to be a reference for them all anywhere online, and, let’s just say it – I am a huge, categorizing NERD!!!

The only thing I could find were these drawings on the Fritz Hansen site:

There seems to be a gazillion different models, though…a bit scary!

I think this might take a while…so lets see how far I get.

Here is a bio at Ketterer Kunst if you want to read more about the man.

To be continued…