On a recent (dreaded) trip to Ikea I purchased on of their grey, short pile, curly rugs, thinking I would recover a footstool I have been meaning to do something with for ages now. Problem is, I got it home and it was slightly too narrow.

Then I started trucking it around the house and kept finding great places for it. I want one everywhere now! They feel amazing on your feet…hands…under the hiney…!

I know they are fur and it is likely wrong, but I love them. And with winter rearing it’s manky little head already, cozying things up is a top priority in this draft box.

In the end the rug ended up next to my side of the bed, because I am selfish, and it gives me joy feeling the luxurious squish under my feet when I get out of bed.

These images below make me want more of these rugs now…

Doesn’t the furry factor make you want to curl up in these seats like a lazyass cat?