A few years ago I really wanted an Anglepoise 1227 desk lamp, but as they were a bit more expensive then, couldn’t justify the cost, so settled for a vintage Type 75 like the one below, which I scored off Ebay for a steal.

Since then, I have regretted my impatience as I STILL prefer the 1227, and really should have just saved up and waited for the right auction (you’d think I would know myself well enough by now to know that I should wait and save for what I really want instead of settling, but …there you go).

I have occasionally been checking the Ebay listings for a 1227 and the other day managed to get this one for a reasonable price:

It is in fairly decent nick, with only a couple dings to the shade, and I figured with a little elbow grease, I could get it up and functioning in no time….

…little did I know how expensive the various parts are for restoration, as Anglepoise doesn’t supply any of their specialist spare parts! Gulp.

Other than the obvious rewiring and safety updating, my lamp needs 2 new side springs, and most worriesome, a new hinge.

Now, the springs aren’t a huge problem as I can A) pillage them off my Type 75 lamp or another one and even though they aren’t exactly right, those will do; or B) find some generic tension springs to fit.

I could pay £30 and get new ones with the special cap – see below- for the 1227s that have been manufactured by a fellow on ebay:

But I have am seeing that many of the old ones have newer springs and it is really not noticeable. Check it out in the photo below…would you care? I don’t.

The hinge, though is another story. You can’t buy them and you would have to buy another lamp to replace the parts. The mechanism consists of a long, thin bolt which goes all the way through 3 metal tube bits and 2 ‘arms’. These are attached to the 3rd bar behind with a short bolt and creates the tension much like an elbow joint.

I am noticing many of the restored ones have used the plastic hinge from the newer lamps, but I just don’t think it works:

I think I may be able to cobble something together with my jewellery tools if I can just find the right stuff to chop and modify. Fingers (feathers, claws, etc.) crossed.

Stay tuned. I will try to do regular posts along the way as I try to get this little puppy back up and fabulous.