I have just added up how much the restoration of my Anglepoise 1227 could cost me and am a little appalled at how my ‘deal’ is racking up a bill!

Here is a breakdown:

This estimate doesn’ t include bolts, the parts I might have to buy to modify for the hinge or the new felt baize for under the lamp. Gulp.

It is looking like I haven’t really saved much money by buying a lamp that needed work! I suppose it does give me a satisfying project, but it is a little disappointing.

Now as mentioned in the last post, the high ticket item – the springs- are something I can likely get around. Also, I don’t need to replace the bulb holder, as the bakelite one is in good nick.

Unfortunately I really love how a nice shiney chrome one looks at the top of the lamp like below.

So may have to get all the gear to do this anyway. But I suppose this could wait.

Slowly but surely…

I might also be able to scavenge a plug if I keep my eyes open…we’ll see.