I have had a bit more progress on the Anglepoise restoration. I scrubbed it down and got it all the grime you can see below off the other day.

It came off quite easily with some sugar soap, baking soda and a bunch of elbow grease! It is now very white and clean…photos to come.

Unfortunately, while I was at it I also decided I would oil the joints as there was a bit of rust on the screws.

Um, apparently this is a big no no – don’t EVER oil your Anglepoise joints!!

I now have to take it apart and wipe off all the WD-40 with mineral spirits as it is all bendy-floppy and isn’t holding in place properly.

Duh. Live and learn.


I managed to get most of these dings and wobbles out of the shade with a pair of flat jeweller’s pliers and some cardboard to guard against scratches…

And can now tackle that pesky missing hinge…

Wish me luck!