A shot of fresh, cheery green for your Thursday. Green interiors are another hot trend at the moment.

It is funny, I used to be very anti-green for interiors, but the longer I live in an urban jungle away from trees and the large swathes of wild I grew up in, the more leafy greens in interiors appeal to me.

They now feel like a breath of much needed fresh air. Sigh.

via Lona De Anna

via Belle Maison

I am still planning green as the accent colour for the bathroom, but things have slowed a bit on  the home front as we try to draft-proof the icebox that the house has become in the cooler weather.

I do have an enormous Oleander plant in there now that doesn’t quite fit as it needed to come in from the cold to survive the winter, and the bathroom was the only place with enough room to house it! However, I still haven’t done the chalk drawing on the blackboard wall and it is weighing on me like a chittering monkey on my back!

Soon. I hope.

I’d love this fabric for the curtain!

via La Maison D’Anna G

Does anyone know who it is by?